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A page for and about Workers' Liberty supporters in Australia.

WL Australia news

Workers Liberty newsletter No 72 (Late 2019)
* Change the politics to socialism. For a climate action manifesto.
* Workers and trade unions, why no strike for the climate?
* Climate activism for workers’ control (from Climate change activism in the workplace)
* Demands on employers (from Intertwining the threads), and Organising in schools for climate action
* Extinction Rebellion Lismore
* Cool air, hotter climate? Design against waste
* Changing the Rules under a Coalition government
* John Setka and sexual harassment
* A woman’s right to choose: the struggle continues
* Chinese students organise solidarity with Hong Kong
* Neither Washington nor Beijing, but international socialism!

Workers' Liberty newsletter No 71 (August 2019)

* School students reach out to labour movement for climate action
* Losing the climate election
* Radical union leader Bob Carnegie loses Queensland MUA election
* RAFFWU Fighting cuts to penalty rates, interview with Hayden Walsh
* Tax and wealth after the election, interview with Dick Bryan
* Reviews: Pamphlet on climate change, a book about the GFC and its aftermath, a documentary about Brazil and the Workers’ Party.
* Corbyn is reactionary on Europe
* International Socialist US collapse, and Socialist Alternative, abridged from ISO: Losing the thread
* Palestine – Israel and the Right of Return, abridged from Return of old formulas


Workers' Liberty newsletter No 70 (Spring 2018)

Workers' Liberty newsletter No 69 (Summer 2017/2018)

Workers Liberty newsletter No. 68 August/September 2017

All issues of newsletter 

What we stand for

• Independent working-class representation in politics.

• A workers’ government, based on and accountable to the labour movement.

• A workers’ charter of trade union rights — to organise, to strike, to picket effectively, and to take solidarity action.

• Public ownership of essential industries, and taxation of the rich to fund renewable energy and environmental protection, decent public services, homes, education and jobs for all. End fossil fuel extraction.

• A workers’ movement that fights all forms of oppression. Full equality for women, and social provision to free women from domestic labour. For reproductive justice: free abortion on demand; the right to choose when and whether to have children. Full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Indigenous control of indigenous affairs. Working class unity against racism.

• Free refugees, let them stay, right for workers to remain in Australia without insecurity of short term visas.

• Global solidarity against global capital — workers everywhere have more in common with each other than with their capitalist or Stalinist rulers.

• Democracy at every level of society, in trade unions, and from the smallest workplace or community to global social organisation.

• Equal rights for all nations, against imperialists and predators big and small.

• Maximum left unity in action, and openness in debate.


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