Never Sold Out?

When it comes to LU’s attack on our framework agreements, RMT will be able to say, ‘we never sold our frameworks’.

Bizarrely, an ASLEF leaflet is arguing that ASLEF also defended drivers’ frameworks BY SELLING THEM at a high price.

And it wasn’t even a good deal! Some earned near £4k...

Cough Up!

It was tough that Olympic dead late shifts finished an hour later than usual, at 2 and 3am. It was even worse that staff taxis were scheduled to be 90 minutes later!!

But did LU pay us extra money for the time we were detained at work beyond the end of our shifts?

On the night of the Opening...

Clowns in Charge

LU’s Olympic strategy was ‘years in the making’. Was this it???

LU was correcting Magenta direction signs and staff knowledge books with one week to go. Directions on posters contradicted the magenta signs!

Did we ‘look’ ready, wearing Olympic hi vi’s one week early? No, LU over-ordered...

Air Con?

Air conditioning units have been installed on LU stations. ‘Heaven!’, we thought!

But these units have only been leased for the Olympics. Afterwards, we’ll go back to the big blue fans that blow hot air round the stations.

Air con is good enough for the toffs and the tourists. But staff...

Orange and Pink

Thanks Howard Collins for making us wear bright orange high visibility vests one week before the Olympics starts: 'Let's all of us get in to the spirit of the Games and wear our new hi-vis from this Saturday'.

Why would we want to create the effect that the event we have all dreaded is going on...

Party Time?

With the Queen's Jubilee only just behind us, we thought we were due a rest from forced festivities.

But no. LU has festooned our messrooms with pink Olympic bunting.

Forgive us for not entering into the party spirit about a stressful event that management are hoping will erode our terms and...

Good 4 Something?

G4S have hit the headlines for their ineptitude with the Olympics security contract. This is hardly a surprise to those of us who are used to them missing their ticket office collections, or who remember them when they were notorious for losing prisoners when they were still called Group 4.


Olympic Ready?

It's approaching fast. But evidence indicates LU is in no way ready for the Games.

LU's Employee Relations tells us that BTP are being trained up and deployed as medics for the Games. This is not the police's job, and highlights serious staffing concerns in both LUL and comrades in the National...

Inspiring a Generation

Today, the Olympics revealed its official slogan - 'Inspiring a Generation'. And there was us thinking it was 'Our Framework Agreements Are Not For Sale'.

Still, a firm stance and strong organisation on this principle could inspire a generation of Tube workers to defend our working conditions and...

Framework Agreements Not For Sale

Why are agreements so important? Because they give us protection in the workplace. It is our agreements - in the first place, our framework agreements - that ensure that our rosters are halfway civilised, that we can't work for hours on end without a break, that we can't be brought back to work...

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