AWL discussion on "After Bournemouth", 2007: "What to do with the LRC"

Submitted by martin on 1 November, 2007 - 2:06 Author: CF

Basically if the LRC is to have a meaningful purpose it needs to cease considering itself a factional organisation for the Labour left whose arena is the Westminster village and seek to provide representation for labour, whilst I opposed a name change at the last LRC NC a 'Workers Representation Committee' is precisely what is needed whether it calls itself that or not.

Such a federal structures could be established in regions/localities to start laying the groundwork. Crow and others should be asked to re-commit themselves to the LRC project and should have no excuse if it is based on such a perspective. I think McDonnell should be prepared to enter into discussions with wider forces about re- launching the LRC in such a manner. That is the LRC should place itself at the centre of a serious effort to bring about a re-composition of the left of the labour movement. If the LRC is to succeed it needs grasp the moment and not loose the opportunity like it has with the John4Leader campaign. It seems every one is making apocalyptic statements about the changes, McDonnell, Briefing et all but when comes to actually saying what needs to be done there is a deafening silence.

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