AWL discussion on "After Bournemouth", 2007: "From SW"

Submitted by martin on 1 November, 2007 - 1:53 Author: SW

"The Communists do not form a separate party opposed to the other working-class parties"
In response to discussion bulletin 275, we - SW and CM - take issue with both the EC's motion on the Labour party, as well as other contributions raised by other comrades.

Firstly, we principally disagree with the orientation this document proposes for the group. We do not believe, as it would seem the majority of the group does, that our position on the Labour Party 'needs' to change. Electorally, The Labour Party retains the support of the Working Class in Britain, in the widest of definitions; it is therefore still a bourgeois workers party. Regardless of whether or not you view the decisions made at Bournemouth this October as significant - we for two do not - there is still no reasonable argument for further breaking away to become involved in some ultra-left orgy.

We also disagree with the ridiculous practise of standing single candidates, a policy that's only arguable virtue is that it's a 'novelty' propaganda exercise`. Why waste money on election deposits that could go on Industrial propaganda and our own publications? Our work in the Labour party is integral to representation of our ideas in the Labour movement. The Labour party has more working class activists then all other "left" organisations put together. To be the vanguard of the working class means being in the Labour Party. Groups like the LRC are a fundamental part of this work, the momentum gained from the John4Leader campaign has been partially lost, but significant numbers of new activists were energised by such a campaign. We need to harness the enthusiasm and dedication that has been built up but remains in limbo. How can we operate fully within the LRC and its pool of new supporters if we are to leave the, Labour party, what influence can we realistically have? Our position within the unions also suffers.

As of yet we have heard no practical policy on what our position should be. What do we demand of the union leaders? Should we push for disaffiliations, argue the unions remain politically independent, or affiliation to another crock-of-shit left alliance? We need to completely ignore a return to the Socialist Alliance, or entertain any ideas to enter the Campaign for a New Workers Party, Campaign for a Marxist Party, The Bob Crow Party etc. These are/will all be failures and end up costing the group loads more money and political credibility than is necessary. The Labour Party is the best method within Britain of communicating with people on the doorstep. Through meetings, and when the election comes, with an ever resurgent Tory party, the crunch will come. If this policy is passed and comrades continue to support independent candidates, we shall be pushed into the position where we shall have to support the Labour candidate over that of independents.

"By the strengths of our common endeavour we achieve more then we achieve alone."

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