AWL week school 2 to 8 July: provisional timetable

Submitted by martin on 28 June, 2007 - 9:25

This is the provisional timetable for the AWL week school, Monday 2 July to Sunday 8 July. There are five hours of actual school session time each day, leaving other time free for reading, for taking in some other political activities during the week, and for breaks. For each session to run properly, we'll need comrades to turn up on time and having done the reading.

The school will be held at the AWL office, 1 Warwick Court, Choumert Road, London SE15 4SE.

How to get there: Consult for the best public transport routes to the neighbourhood. There is no Tube station anywhere near, but there is a rail station (Peckham Rye) with frequent and fast services from London Bridge and from Victoria. There are also lots of buses.

When you get to the neighbourhood: Choumert Road is a right turning off Rye Lane (the main street in Peckham) as you walk south down Rye Lane. Our office is on the first and second floors above a shop in Rye Lane, but there is no entry directly from Rye Lane. You have to turn down Choumert Road to reach the back alley from which you can get in.

The back alley is called Warwick Court and is the first left turning off Choumert Road. The entrance to Warwick Court is barred by metal gates. When you reach the gates, phone 020 7207 3997, 020 7207 0706, 020 2707 4774, or 07950 978 083, and we'll come and let you in.

MONDAY 2 JULY: 12 noon to 5pm - session 1, skills

5pm - go to picket of Israeli Embassy (6pm to 7pm, corner of Kensington Court and High St Kensington, opposite Palace Green)

TUESDAY 3 JULY: 1pm to 6pm - session 2, Why the working class?

(North London and South West London AWL branch meetings this evening)

WEDNESDAY 4 JULY: 1pm to 4pm, and 6pm to 8pm - session 3, Marxism and Economism

THURSDAY 5 JULY: noon to 5pm - session 4, Marxism, anarchism, and Zapatism

Then go to: 7pm - opening rally of SWP's "Marxism 2007"

FRIDAY 6 JULY: 11.30 to 4.30pm - session 5, the National Question and Israel/ Palestine in particular

Then go to: 7pm - SWP "Marxism 2007" with Alex Callinicos on "strategy", Jeffrey Hall, Institute of Education

SATURDAY 7 JULY: all day at the Shop Stewards' Network conference, 11.30am to 5pm at South Camden Community School, Charrington St, NW1

SUNDAY 8 JULY: 11am to 4pm - session 6, Discussing and arguing

If still in London, then go to: 7pm, SWP "Marxism 2007" session on Hezbollah, SOAS/ KLT, Thornhaugh St

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