Parables for Socialists

Submitted by cathy n on 22 July, 2008 - 8:33 Author: Sean Matgamna

Also at "Against the Tide: Tales for Thinking People"

1 Gangster rap! Lenin and Joe Columbo

2 Tory social philosophy: Thatcher advises Cameron and Clegg (verse)

3 The Lies Against Socialism Answered

4 And Shakespeare, which group was he in?

5 James Connolly: An Spailpin Fanach

6 The 1984-5 Miners' Strike and the Fate of the Pet Pig

7 Who Says Cannibalising People Is Wrong?

8 The Voyage of Vladimir Columbus (verse)

9 Where Were Lenin's Children?

10 And where were Jacob Sverdlov's sons?

11 The Left and "reactionary anti-imperialism"

12 “Revolutionary nationalism”, in 1920 and today

13 After the Dictatorship of the Lie (verse)

14 Who Was James Connolly?

15 Do you know you are being pissed on?

16 Phoenix! (Verse)

17 Ireland's Easter Rising and the Gombeen-men in power (1991)

18 Eamonn McCann, Trotskyism and Irish Republican Militarism

19 “Why does everything, always, come down to Lenin, Marx or Trotsky?”

20 Sigmund Freud: The Great Explorer

21 This is Dystopia, Lady! (Verse)

22 Gaddafi, Ken Livingstone, and the left

23 Pope Benedict and his "Red" Army

24 What was in the coffin at the funeral of socialism?

25 As rich as Rockefeller

26 Listen, Powell! An Open Letter To A Racist Politician [1973]

27 The Scab as Hero: The Miners' Strike, 1984-5

28 The sword of Islam

29 Pope John Paul II: "Mankind bogged down in its own excrement" (2005)

30 Why the Russian Workers Wanted to Restore Capitalism

31 Tough on Kids, Tough on the Causes of Kids!(1997)

32 Waiting for Doctor Godot (1998)

33 Militancy and Solidarity on the Docks in the 1960s: Remembering

34 'Apparatus Marxism', Impoverished Twin of 'Academic Marxism'

35 The Power Next Time: France, May 1968

36 1968: The Year of Miracles

37 The Euston Manifesto

38 The Political Fate Of Losey's Unpolitical Man (1977)

39 Escape From God's Island (1998)

40 Political Islam, Christian Fundamentalism, Marxism and the Left Today

41 How I came to advocate an Israeli nuclear strike on Iran

42 George Orwell: The Man Who Told The Left Unpalatable Truths

43 Paul Foot, Philo-Semite

44 How the SWP "Marched on Parliament"

45 What is left anti-semitism?

46 When "The Sun" backed Ken Livingstone for Labour leader(1992)

47 Narks, Provocateurs and Avuncular Policemen (1996)

48 Diana: When Our Lady of the Catwalks died (1997)

49 Long live socialism!

50 Lament for Comrade Leonid Brezhnev(1982)

51 Israel and "left-wing" anti-semitism: an open letter to the editor of the Guardian (2009)

52 Ireland's racist shame

53 Muslims, the Mass, Marxists and manipulation (2003)

54 When Lindsey German replied to her critics

55 Wars Between Worlds

56 McCarthyism — and Stalinist gangsterism

57 The Connolly Association and its Work: a Critical Memoir

58 Desmond Greaves (1994)

59 Israel and the Mavi Marmara massacre (2010)

60 What would my 18 year old self say to me now?

61 Are You Making Slaves?

62 David Mamet's "Hoffa": Captive in Capitalism

63 Jim Larkin: the Irish Apostle of Labour Solidarity

64 Dora B Montefiore: a half-forgotten socialist feminist

65 Saving the Children of the Dublin Strikers in 1913: Organiser Dora B Montefiore's Account

66 Rivers of rubbish: on the reputation on the left of AWL's predecessor, Socialist Organiser (1991)

67 What does Hal Draper's Marxist “micro-sect” do in the labour movement?

68 The Wobblies

69 A Black Soldier's Tragedy

70 Gaddafi’s Foreign Legion to Knight’s Rescue (1981)

71 Anti-Semitism and the Left: an Open Letter to Tony Cliff [1988]

72 Timmo, the Gas Man and Houdini

73 Jim Allen: The flawed bard of the working class

74 Violence in 20th Century Irish Schools: Why Did People Stand For It?

75 Remember George Norman, a Great Working Class Fighter

76 The Prophet and the Pope

77 Westminster, Prague and Berlin (1989)

78 How to give the sack (1968)

79 A Hiberno-Chinese Mystery Play(1967)

80 Margaret Thatcher and John Dillinger (1988)

81 The Ennis "Knife 'Boy'" Murderer

82 Peter Graham 1: The Life and Death of an Irish Socialist Republican (1972)

83 Peter Graham 2: The Life and Death of an Irish Trotskyist (1976)

84 The end of the road for Neil Kinnock

85 With Gorbachev's Police-state Unions -- Or With The Workers? (1987)

86 Conrad Black, Aristocrat of the purse

87 The Hunting of Witches and Ms Clare Short MP

88 The New Testament and The Protocols of Zion

89 Walking on the moon: Wernher von Braun

90 Ballad of the "Communist" Heroes of Vitry

91 My Expulsion from the Socialist Labour League

92 With Hitler on the Road to Samara (1996)

93 Daniel: Sydney Lumet's film about Ethel and Julius Rosenberg (1984)

94 When Margaret Thatcher turned on the Tory Right

95 The Labour Party Ban on Our Paper and the Defeats of the Left in the 1980s (1990)

96 “The wind that shakes the barley”

97 The Market Theory of Left Wing Groups

98 Why Labour loses elections (1992)

99 Why we publish The Workers' Republic (January 1967)

100 Trotskyism - The Fragmented Tradition

101 The first "anti-Zionist" anti-war movement: "the Jews" in the Boer War

102 The risen people: Eastern Europe after the revolutions

103 The triumph of unreason in the ex-USSR

104 Rula Lenska and Saddam Hussein's Pet Cat

105 An open letter to Ernest Mandel: Trotskyism after the collapse of Stalinism

106 Why did the Berlin Wall fall?

107 Why socialists should support the banning of the CPSU

108 Jack Jones, a Russian Spy? Rotten Politics, Not a Spy Story!

109 France 1968: When ten million workers took capitalism by the throat [1968]

110 There are no instant replays in the class struggle! (1993)

111 Trotsky and the collapse of Stalinism

112 Anatomy of a Casual Murder (1991)

113 An Irish Worker Who Died in the Battle of the Somme, July 1916

114 The Tyrant Died Bravely

115 The Russians Withdraw from Afghanistan (1988)

116 Hungary 1956 (1966)

117 What Is It that a Revolutionary Party Does?

118 The IRA in a West of Ireland Town in the 1930s

119 Civilisation, Backwardness and Liberation (2003)

120 Government Is a Conspiracy of the Rich!

121 When "I Choose Life" Meant Death

122 War and Virgin Birth

123 The Baroness Thatcher and Dame Shirley Porter

124 When priests rule: An Irish horror story all workers should learn from

125 Priests Who Don't Believe in God

126 The Red and The Rat: Arthur Scargill and Jimmy Reid (1984)

127 Stop the "anti-prostitute" vigilantes! (1994)

128 An open letter to a socialist in the SWP: Call SWP leaders to account

129 In Defence of Three Dead Irish Socialists (1973)

131 Open letter to Gerry Adams after the Enniskillen bombing, November 1987

132 Warrington Bombing: The roots of the deadlock in Northern Ireland - Blame the British ruling class! [1993]

133 Blair's "unpaid speech-writers"

134 This Was the Wettest Politician of Them All: The AWL and LFIQ

135 The Men Who Would Be Napoleon

136 Why rioting against paedophiles misses the point: a discussion piece (2001)

137 Obituary for the SLL (1968)

138 What the Tragedy of an Old Stalinist Militant says to Today's Left (2006)

139 Shakespeare and Dogberry Marxism

140 Fight for Rob Dawber's Life (2001)/a>

141 “Revolutionary nationalism”, in 1920 and today

142 When the police incite to murder (1993)

143 Ken Livingstone and Robert Kennedy

144 Remembering Steve Cohen

145 Ken Livingstone and anti-Semitism

146 John Magennis died because Gerry Adams is a "slow learner"

147 Mike Banda: The Death of a Political Gangster

148 Gerry Healy and the Failure of the Old British Trotskyist Movement

149 Ireland's 1916 Easter Rising and the Gombeen-men in power

150 How King Tony Went To War: the State of British Democracy (2002)

151 Pious myths are substituted for history by the pseudo-left

152 Alan Clinton and the Trotskyist Movement

153 Should Socialists Support PIRA Rule in the Catholic Ghettos?

154 Death of Robin Cook, an honest Labour Party liberal

155 Sinead O’Connor or the addled left?

156 Adams in the chamber of commerce

157 Why socialists fight capitalism even when it is 'progressive'

158 The poverty of anti-racism

159 George Galloway and the Making of a Pseudo-Socialist Hero

160 Their D-Day, our 1945

161 Ireland's Racist Shame

162 A mirror for anti-Zionists

163 Generous George Galloway

164 Michael Foot: the Labour leader who accepted defeat to avoid defeat

165 Remembering Sam Gordon, pioneer Trotskyist

166 The long march of Chris Harman

167 Kosova, Democracy, and the Anti-Imperialism of Fools (1999)

168 Ted Grant and Marxism

169 The Da Vinci Code: Why conspiracy theories sell

170 The Miners' Strike and the Falklands war: When the Left Substitutes Pious Myths for History

171 Boris Yeltsin and the Russian Bourgeois Revolution

172 The left and Russia: An open letter to Tony Benn and Chesterfield Labour Party from Socialist Organiser (1986)

173 The SWP, The Balkans, Nationalism and Imperialism in the 1999 War

174 Oppose intervention in ex-Yugoslavia? In the name of what? (July 1992)

175 "Don't wait for thinking!" Socialist Worker, anti-Toryism and Syndicalism (1990)

176 C L R James and Trotskyism

177 The paradoxes of Elia Kazan

178 The Passion of The Christ - and of Historical Christianity

179 Hands off our bodies! Hands off our votes!

180 Some reflections on the left and the Falklands war

181The Weekly Worker Group ("CPGB"): Under the Sign of the Oxymoron

182 Neither Washington nor London, but... er... Anywhere? Why the SWP's anti-imperialism is sterile (2005)

183 The first Irish left

184 The shame of the invertebrate liberals (2007)

185 Yves Montand and the Left

186 Eireannach? (Verse)

187 Burn Lenin's Corpse! (1990)

188 Should the Left Refuse to Celebrate the “Glorious Revolution” of 1688? (1988)

189 What Yasser Arafat can teach socialists

190 Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" Panders to the Bigots of Islam

191 When "The Sun" backed Ken Livingstone for Labour leader (1992)

192 Ireland:18 Ideological Lies The Left Tells Itself (1986)

193 Pluto-democracy in America (2004)

194 Darwin, Bryan, and Socialist Books of Genesis (1990)

195 Oppose the fundamentalists! Defend free speech! (1994)

196 Anti-Semitism? Anti-Zionism! Learn how to do it smoothly,Tammy! (2007)

197 The left and antisemitism (1990)

198 The Last Time the Labour MPs Revolted Against Party Democracy

199 Vietnam's “Children of the Dust”

200 The reactionary right-wing politics of the Gaza demonstrations

201 What is a "Leninist sect"? Is AWL one?

202 Was the 1916 Rising a "Putsch"? Lenin, Radek, Trotsky

203 The Socialist Party /Militant and the Working Class

204 The sailors, Iran and Liar-King Tony's Britain

205 Religious Backwardness, Gay Rights, Civil Liberties: An Open Letter to Cardinal Murphy O'Connor (2007)

206 The Road to Gdansk: Paradoxes of Polish Workers' Anti-Stalinism (1985)

207 Catholic youth rampage: the rise of religious bigotry (2009)

208 Benn, the Left and the Serb-Kosova Conflict, 1999: a Reconstructed Dialogue

209 Headbang with a working class Blairite (1995)

210 Ireland: the Bank that Ate a Country

211 A Fine Romance: Is George Galloway MP a 'mouthpiece' for Saddam Hussein? (2002)

212 A Stone Answers (verse)

213 Was Stalinism progressive?

214 The Orange General Strike of May 1974

215 Cherie Blair's Diary of the Blair-Brown Coup in the Labour Party (Oct 1994)

216 David Hare's In the Absence of War (1994)

217 Tony Blair and Queen Victoria (1996)

218 Churchill: Brave Old Gangster (1994)

219 The press campaign against children and youth (1993)

220 SWP's sudden call for a General Strike (1992)

221 Tory morals and ours (1994)

222 An Honourable Tory Bonehead R I P (1990)

223 Roald Dahl: Guerrilla in a Time Machine (1990)

224 Braveheart (1995)

225 George Orwell's Twin, Koestler (1984)

226 Ends, means, and “Militant” (The Socialist Party) (1990)

227 Socialism or barbarism (1988)

228 Space-Gothic Hybrid; Decadant Brilliance

229 Harry Selby RIP

230 Arthur Scargill, Lech Walesa: militants in distorting mirrors (1984)

231 Tony Blair and the murder machine (1995)

232 Elizabeth, the Golden Age: History as romantic mush

233 History? How propaganda shapes and reshapes our minds (1994)

234 James Callaghan, the Last Old Labour Prime Minister

235 The Birmingham Six: When ‘the law’ Is the Lawbreaker (1991)

236 Local Government Left: Open Letter to Ted Knight, Lambeth Council (May 1980)

237 A Political Movie Without Politics (1990)

238 Terry Barrett, The Dockers and The Left (1990)

239 Jack London, Daniel De Leon and "The Iron Heel"

241 Dennis Skinner: Blair's Poodle Yaps (2010)

242 Anti-climax and O'Flaherty's assassin (1984)

243 What would you know about socialism, Mr Yeltsin? (1992)

244 Back the workers against the police states! (1988)

245 The Red "Dubliner" (1984)

246 Ruth Ellis: Gallows Dance With a Stranger (1985)

247 1939: When Hitler and Fascism Became a "Matter of Taste"

248 Under two flags: Constance Markievicz, Irish Socialist and Irish Republican

249 The Old Left Continues To Rot (1994)

250 Scargill and the Polish Scargills (1983)

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