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Continuously updated details of online meetings, calendars, campaigns, educational resources, briefings and guides for taking action — by the AWL and others.

AWL online meetings

All our meetings are open access: follow the Zoom links below. Any issues, contact us. More details linked from meeting titles.

Starting Monday 18 January, 7:30-9pm Workers' parties, labour parties, and socialism: a series of public discussions hosted by North London AWL. Eventbrite page here. Zoom link for all sessions here.
18 January: The history of labour representation in Britain
1 February: The labour movement and the left in French politics
15 February: The Workers' Party (PT) in Brazil
1 March: Why is there no labour party in the USA?

Starting Wednesday 20 January, 7-8.30 pm (fortnightly for six sessions) Reading group: The retreat from class by Ellen Meiksins Wood. Zoom link here.

Monday 25 January, 6pm Workers' Liberty students: A briefing on "The Hostile Environment" Zoom link here.

Tuesday 26 January, 7.30-9pm The rise of the anti-vax movement and Covid-19 conspiracy theories Zoom link here.

Wednesday 27 January, 4-6pm Tubeworker Bulletin public meeting: What kind of unions do we need? How can we build them?. Zoom link here. Facebook event here.

Sunday 31 January, 6:30-8pm: Fighting Trumpism after Trump, with US speakers including Kate Doyle Griffiths, Red Bloom Collective (pc)


Every Monday, 6-7pm: Workers' Liberty Students online political discussions — full schedule here. Zoom link here.

Thursdays, 8-9.30pm: A study group on Marx's Grundrisse.

Other events

Friday 22 January, 6.30-7.30pm Young Labour Internationlists: US Coup: Chickens**t or Catastrophic? Zoom link here.

Wednesday 27 January, 5:30-7pm Free Osime Brown! Workers against deportation. Meeting called by Labour Campaign for Free Movement. Register on Zoom here. Facebook event here.

Wednesday 27 January, 6pm Safe and Equal: Full sick pay now, open organising meeting Zoom link here.

Thursday 28 January, 6.30-7.30pm Momentum Internationalists: Labour, antisemtism and the EHRC Zoom link here.

Saturday 30 January, 12.30pm Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong: #FreeHK53 - Free Hong Kong Political prisoners Register for Zoom meeting here.

Calendar of events

Our calendar of events, including labour movement and internal events, is below. In the top left corner you can change which month you are viewing, in the top right you can change what the format, or — by clicking the drop down — which types of events you want to see (our public events, wider events not by us, and internal events). Click an event for details or to copy that event to your calendar. Subscribe to our calendar below.

Or see our facebook events here.

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Subscribe to our three calendars with the application you use for your calendars, so that events we post will be automatically shown and updated in yours.

Google Calendar

The best method to subscribe from your Google Calendar is on a computer, as in this paragraph (next paragraph for alternate method). Click to add public AWL events, add wider events, and add internal events, respectively. This opens your Google Calendar (new tab), and allow you to "Add" that calendar. To subscribe to all events, click and add each of the three links.

(If this fails, see these instructions, the iCal-URL section, and the iCal/ICS URLs which follow. If not using a computer, to subscribe you must use your phone browser with "Desktop site" on, not the app.)

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Copy from the links (right-click/long-press) or the plain text, and paste into the application. For all events, subscribe to all three calendars:

Public AWL events


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Other calendars and info

Also using these URLs, you can follow Microsoft Outlook instructions (subscribe, not import file) here. Mozilla Thunderbird (Lightning) instructions here (network, not import file). Most other calendar applications also support iCal.

Contact us if you have technical difficulties in subscribing to our calendar.

*To access Google Calendar on your phone (or tablet) app once subscribed, you may need to do the following additional steps. Open Google Calendar, the application, then click the menu icon ☰, then "⚙ Settings". Then click on the calendar in question — each in turn — and make sure "Sync" is on. Then make sure each calendar in the menu ☰, is enabled ☑.


Safe and Equal

Campaign for full pay for self-isolation for all, regardless of contract or status. See the website here, and follow the Facebook and Twitter. Please sign the petition here! See also the NHS workers' site and the Care workers' blog

Pause Brexit

Campaigning for the Brexit transition period to be extended beyond 31 December. See more info, and sign the petition.

Labour for a Socialist Europe

For a radical Labour Party, fighting the effects of Brexit and a socialist Europe. More info here.

Free our unions: rights and safety!

Free Our Unions campaigns for the abolition of all laws restricting workers’ ability to organise and take action. More info here.

Labour Campaign for Free Movement

Labour members and supporters committed to defending and extending the free movement of people in the context of Brexit. More info here.

Uyghur Solidarity Campaign

Building support for the human rights of the Uyghur people of East Turkestan, northwest China. More info here.

UK Labour Solidarity with Hong Kong

Seeks to build labour movement solidarity with the struggle for to defend and extend democratic and workers rights in Hong Kong. More info here.

Content, commentary

• AWL study resources, quick guide, download here.

• Anti-racist resources: pamphlets, readings, videos and more.

Current AWL articles

• All articles on Covid-19
• The latest Solidarity
• Tubeworker bulletin: Railway colour bars - racism and resistance
• Covid crisis: what we demand Article and short explainer video.

Audio/visual AWL comment

*NEW* Video: Remembering the Bosnian war here
*NEW* Audio: Global capital and pandemics Pamphlet:
• ABC of Marxism series. Introductory talks on Communist Manifesto, Stalinism, Marxism and religion and more...
On YouTube: Playlist
• AWL public meetings
On Soundcloud: Playlist


• Take action to win safe workplaces. A briefing for workers and union branches.
• Disabled Workers and the Covid-19 Crisis. A briefing.
Take action on rent. London Renters Union campaign for mortgage and rent holidays.

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