The Falklands/ Malvinas war of 1982. and working-class politics

Click here to download as ePub Click here to download as Kindle e-book Click here to download as pdf Introduction to dossier on the Falklands/ Malvinas, from Workers' Liberty 2/3. The WSL and the Falklands crisis, by Sean Matgamna, May 1982. The texts and the method, by Sean Matgamna (from Workers' Socialist Review, 1982). Class politics and bloc politics: resolution for the Workers' Socialist League, 1982 (expanded 1984). Some reflections on the left and the Falklands war, by Sean Matgamna, May 2007. The SWP and the Falklands war More from Workers' Socialist Review Supplement to WSR 2 on the...

An Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities? Analysis, debate, polemic

Debate between Moshe Machover and Sean Matgamna Download the whole Machover-Matgamna debate as pdf as ePub e-reader format as mobi e-reader format Moshe Machover: "AWL - Abominable Warmongering Left" "Israel, Iran, and socialism". Sean Matgamna replies to Moshe Machover "Zionism: propaganda and sordid reality". Moshe Machover replies to Sean Matgamna "Israel and the 'essence of Zionism'". Sean Matgamna responds to Moshe Machover's second polemic. Two states - or no hope for either nation - third article by Sean Matgamna, dealing with a lecture in which Moshe Machover outlined his programme on...

Antonio Gramsci: working-class revolutionary

Buy the second edition, and browse related resources, here. Printed book of first edition out of print (second edition coming around mid-2014); e-version available below. Buy the download. Antonio Gramsci was a leader of the Italian Communist Party in its revolutionary days, and spent all his last years bar a few weeks in Mussolini's fascist jails. The Prison Notebooks he wrote in jail have been quarried to justify many varieties of reformist or liberal politics. A new Workers' Liberty booklet, discusses a major recent study on the Notebooks — Peter Thomas’s The Gramscian Moment — and argues...

Solidarity 229

Click here to download the paper as a pdf. Click here to download the paper as a kindle book. Click here to download the paper as an epub ebook.

Solidarity 228

Click here to download the paper as a pdf. kindle format. ebook format.

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