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Submitted by AWL on 15 April, 2006 - 8:19

Welcome! If you want to put consistent time and energy into fighting for solidarity and workers' liberty, and are willing to put effort into studying and discussing socialist ideas, then it is easy to join. Email us at, phone 02 7394 8923, or write to 20E Tower Workshops, London SE1 3DG, with your name, address, email address, and phone numbers, and we will arrange for an AWL organiser to meet you to discuss the details.

What does it involve?
How to join
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Our Procedure for Complaints
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What does it involve?

We ask new members to discuss a membership agreement with an AWL organiser, fill it in, and sign it. The basic points in the membership agreement are as follows:

"I want to become a member of the Alliance for Workers' Liberty. I agree:

  • To attend regular meetings of my local AWL branch (usually weekly)
  • To be politically active in a regular, consistent way. Immediately my main planned regular activities will be:
    • Specifically AWL activities (paper sales, visiting contacts, educationals) ..........
    • Broader activities in which I will promote AWL ideas and literature. (Members are expected to join and be active in the trade union - or student union, etc. - relevant to their job, and may also be active in other campaigns or movements): ..........
  • To sell AWL literature (our newspaper, plus pamphlets, books, etc).
  • To respond to big political struggles, events and mobilisations (strikes, demonstrations, etc)".

If you want to help the AWL, but don't yet feel ready to become a fully-committed activist member, then consider becoming a sympathiser. Sympathisers pay a regular financial contribution to the AWL, take the AWL publications - and beyond that do as much or as little as they wish, so that some do as much as activist members, and others do little more than contribute financially.

Click here to download the membership agreement form as pdf.

How to join

The practical steps to sign up as an activist member are:

  • Read the AWL membership agreement form. Discuss it with a local AWL organiser, fill it in, and send a copy to the AWL office. It is a short form which summarises the basic activities you will do as a member.
  • Arrange to attend a meeting of your local AWL branch to be formally proposed as a member. If you are unsure which is your nearest AWL branch, or you live a long way from any branch, contact the AWL office.
  • Complete the contributions assessment form, and contact to the AWL office to let them know. This means working out how much you will pay in AWL membership dues and regular literature sales money. Preferably pay by downloading a standing order form, filling it in, and sending it in; if not, make an arrangement with an AWL organiser to pay by cash regularly, or some other means.
  • Download a copy of the AWL's "short basic" education programme and plan with a local AWL organiser how to work through it, in a study group or in individual discussions.
  • Make an arrangement to receive copies of our paper Solidarity and other publications regularly and promptly. Maybe your local AWL sales organiser can deliver them to you by hand. If you live a bit further out, maybe it's best for us to send them directly from the office, so please contact the office.
  • Check out the rest of the AWL website at and register as a user of the site. Send your username to the office so that we can tag your username with "AWL member" status for access to members-only areas of the website. The site will help keep you in touch with AWL ideas and activity - and let you keep other AWL people in touch with your ideas and activity, by posting contributions on the site. The resources page is a useful reference point for basic AWL materials.
  • Check out the AWL members' information webpage Join AWL e-lists: that webpage tells you how.

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