Ireland: theory, debate, history (contents page)

Ireland: the socialist answer.
A pamphlet explaining our view of what consistently democratic and socialist politics mean in Ireland

The New Anglo-Irish Treaty (1987)
A Workers' Liberty pamphlet analysing the Anglo-Irish Agreement of 1985 and its sequels, with a debate from the time between us and Sinn Fein.

The Northern Ireland crisis of 1968-9 and the left
A 12 part series on the crisis of 68-69.

A worker's guide to ireland
A comprehensive overview of Irish history and the way forward.

IS and Ireland
A pamphlet produced by the forerunners of AWL in late 1969, presenting an analysis of the crisis in Northern Ireland of 1968-9 and argument against the de facto support by IS (forerunner of SWP) for the deployment of British troops in August 1969.

Series: What is Irish Republicanism? by John O' Mahony (Sean Matgamna)
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

What is Irish Republicanism? continued (various authors):
Where is Republicanism going?
What happened when
The CPI calls for civil war
The Comintern on the Treaty
The fifth congress
Trotsky on worker-peasant parties

Series: the history of Irish Republicanism by Thomas Carolan (Sean Matgamna)
Part 1: The past, present and future of Irish republicanism
Part 2: The gunmen in power
Part 3: The IRA's all-time low
Part 4: The right-wing IRA of the 50s
Part 5: Prelude to the Provos
Part 6: Republicanism and the left
Part 7: From Emmet to O’Connell

Pamphlet: Irish Workers' Group 1966-8
Documents from and surveys of the politics of the Irish Workers' Group, which was a significant Trotskyist-oriented group in 1966-8.
40 Years of the IRA: Where the Hillside Men Have Sown (1967)
AWL’s record on Ireland (and an account of the IWU, ICG and IWG) Part One
The Irish Workers' Group, IS and the "Trotskyist Tendency": The Irish Crisis and the British Left 1968-70 — part 2
The "Manifesto" of the Irish Workers' Group (1967)
Debate: anti-semitism and the split in the Irish Workers' Group
Left Wing Urban Guerrillas in Ireland
Irish Emigré Trotskyism in the mid-1960s: Notes by a Participant
Trotskyism or Chameleonism? The Irish Workers Group (1965-68)
The Fenians: Rise and Decline
"Taking whose gun out of politics?" Irish Militant, January 1967
Ireland and Permanent Revolution: A Discussion 1966/7
Trotskyism and Ireland (Irish Workers Group, 1965-8: Archive) Ireland and Permanent Revolution, etc:

Irish Republicanism and Irish Trotskyism: a debate
A debate between Sean Matgamna and D R O'Connor Lysaght on aspects of the history of Irish Trotskyism and Irish Republicanism. Originally titled,"Irish Marxist rebuts internet slander and Comments on a smear job".

Further debate between Matgamna and Lysaght:
Video debate on Permanent Revolution and Ireland, London, November 2018 and Interviews in Solidarity to prepare for that debate
Marxism and the Irish revolution
The theory of Permanent Revolution and Ireland: is there a socialist quintessence in Irish nationalism?

The Lies The Left Tells Itself: Geoff Bell and Sean Matgamna debate
Nationalist "Socialism" or Marxism. Debate between Sean Matgamna and John McAnulty
The revival of Irish Republican militarism: Why Eamonn McCann is wrong
Connolly's politics, or The Green Above the Red? IRSP/AWL Debate Irish Republicanism and Socialism
Tony Benn, the left, and Ireland: some debates

60 propositions on the "Irish Question": a challenge to the left
Here in 60 simple, basic, plain propositions we set out our view of the “Irish problem as it really is.” We invite comment and refutation on these propositions.

Workers' Liberty 5: Provos, Protestants, and working-class politics
A special edition of Workers' Liberty magazine reprinting the extensive debate on Ireland in the newspaper Socialist Organiser in 1983, and presenting the issues in the form of an imaginary dialogue.

Lenin, Marxism, the Irish Revolution
A short series, including the critique 'Why Lenin got Ireland wrong'.

The political psychology of Irish Republicanism: Three events that made the IRA
A pamphlet on the historical shaping of the Irish Republican Army.

Matt Merrigan on Ireland in Labor Action, 1955-7
A series of articles on Ireland by Irish socialist Matt Merrigan. Labor Action was the weekly paper of the Independent Socialist League of Max Shachtman and Hal Draper in the USA.

An Solas/Workers' Republic
The activists of the Workers' Fight group (forerunners of AWL) in 1966-8 produced five issues of An Solas/ Workers' Republic, the theoretical journal of the Irish Workers' Group.

Workers' Liberty 3/45: Trotskyists debate Ireland
A review and reprint of three major debates among Trotskyists over Ireland: 1939 (around when the IRA declared war on Britain at the start of World War 2); 1957-8 (during the IRA's Border Campaign); and 1968-9 (when the Northern Ireland state, as constructed at the start of the 1920s, broke down).

Marxism and Ireland: Articles from the AWL Press
A miscellany of articles and verse from the archives.

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