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Logging in to this website
For reference, and especially for new members


For AWL organising notes and minutes, for debates inside AWL, and for AWL National Committee documentation (if you are an NC member), go to the AWL members' website forums. To read the forums you need to be logged in with your website username, and have contacted the AWL office to get your username tagged with "AWL member" status on the site.

Logging in to the website

  • To get a username on the AWL website, use the facility in the left-hand menu bar on this website.
  • To get "AWL member" status for your username, email telling us what your username is.
  • If you lose your password for the website, use the password reminder facility on this site. That will send a password to the e-address you used when you registered your username. If you have changed e-address and don't get a password, then email the AWL office and we will re-set the password for you.
  • If you forget your username, create a new one, as if you have never had one.


To join e-lists, send a blank email to mailto:xxxxxx-subscribe@lists.zzzzzzzzz.zzz (in your email software, where xxxxxx-subscribe@lists.zzzzzzzzz.zzz is the list you want). For example, to for the awl-external list.

To change your subscription e-address for AWL e-lists, click here.

For reference

The AWL constitution: read online or download as pdf

AWL basic political education course, and other educational and study courses

Standing order form for financial contributions to the AWL

Code of conduct

Make a donation or payment to AWL.

More on the resources page of this website.

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