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Workers Liberty newsletter No 72 (Spring 2019)
Change the politics to socialism. For a climate action manifesto.
Workers and trade unions, why no strike for the climate?
* Climate activism for workers’ control (from Climate change activism in the workplace)
* Demands on employers (from Intertwining the threads), and Organising in schools for climate action
Extinction Rebellion Lismore
Cool air, hotter climate? Design against waste
Changing the Rules under a Coalition government
John Setka and sexual harassment
A woman’s right to choose: the struggle continues
Chinese students organise solidarity with Hong Kong
Neither Washington nor Beijing, but international socialism!

Workers' Liberty newsletter No 71 (August 2019)

School students reach out to labour movement for climate action
* Losing the climate election
* Radical union leader Bob Carnegie loses Queensland MUA election
* RAFFWU Fighting cuts to penalty rates, interview with Hayden Walsh
Tax and wealth after the election, interview with Dick Bryan
* Reviews: Pamphlet on climate change, a book about the GFC and its aftermath, a documentary about Brazil and the Workers’ Party.
Corbyn is reactionary on Europe
* International Socialist US collapse, and Socialist Alternative, abridged from ISO: Losing the thread
* Palestine – Israel and the Right of Return, abridged from Return of old formulas


Workers' Liberty newsletter No 70 (Spring 2018)

Workers' Liberty newsletter No 69 (Summer 2017/2018)

Workers Liberty newsletter No. 68 August/September 2017

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What we stand for

• Independent working-class representation in politics.

• A workers’ government, based on and accountable to the labour movement.

• A workers’ charter of trade union rights — to organise, to strike, to picket effectively, and to take solidarity action.

• Public ownership of essential industries, and taxation of the rich to fund renewable energy and environmental protection, decent public services, homes, education and jobs for all. End fossil fuel extraction.

• A workers’ movement that fights all forms of oppression. Full equality for women, and social provision to free women from domestic labour. For reproductive justice: free abortion on demand; the right to choose when and whether to have children. Full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Indigenous control of indigenous affairs. Working class unity against racism.

• Free refugees, let them stay, right for workers to remain in Australia without insecurity of short term visas.

• Global solidarity against global capital — workers everywhere have more in common with each other than with their capitalist or Stalinist rulers.

• Democracy at every level of society, in trade unions, and from the smallest workplace or community to global social organisation.

• Equal rights for all nations, against imperialists and predators big and small.

• Maximum left unity in action, and openness in debate.


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Changing the Rules under the Coalition government


Editorial WL72

A confidential ACTU review of the Change the Rules campaign was obtained by The Australian newspaper. The ACTU should release the report so that trade unionists, especially the activists who put so much effort into the campaign, can have a say in how unions can campaign for union rights, pay and conditions.

John Setka and making unions fit for women



John Setka’s position as Secretary of the Construction Division of the Victorian CFMMEU should be put up for re-election, so that members can have a say and settle the issue of his fitness for office in light of his abuse of women.
The CFMMEU Executive should call a proper member vote for his position. Setka should resign because of his sexual harassment and abuse.

Union leaders fail to challenge the rules by striking for the climate


Janet Burstall

Australian unions have not organised strike action for 20 September. The Australian Council of Trade Unions and its leaders, Sally McManus and Michele O’Neil have been deafeningly silent on climate action and the 20 September climate strike, up to at least the week before.

The right to choose: the struggle continues


Kate Buckell

In August the NSW lower house passed legislation to remove abortion from the criminal code, making it the last State to do so in Australia. This is a victory for women’s reproductive rights and it is especially cheering given it comes at a time when we are facing renewed and pernicious attacks elsewhere, most notably the US. In late September the bill goes before the upper house. If it passes it will become law.

Extinction Rebellion Lismore and Blockchain video review


Boyd Kellner

Around 300 people attended a meeting in Lismore organised by Extinction Rebellion in May this year. This by Lismore standards was a large meeting, seeing a cross section of people, professionals, trades people, retirees, alternate lifestylers.
This was indicative of the interest and concern by those attending.

Cool air, hotter climate?


Pete Boggs

Air conditioning was a landmark invention of twentieth-century capitalism, and has shaped the world we live in.

It gave rise to the summer blockbuster as movie theatres with air conditioning units were the main place people could go in the heat. It allowed capitalist modernisation to transform post-colonial Singapore. It even inspired H P Lovecraft’s short story Cool Air.

Neither Washington nor Beijing, but international socialism!


Martin Thomas

China is now the world's second power, economically though not yet militarily. It is striving for influence, hegemony, aggrandisement, in competition with the first power, the USA.
The longstanding US policy was to use US military and diplomatic power chiefly to sustain world-market rules assumed beneficial in the long term to US capital. Donald Trump has shifted to a cruder "American First" policy, undermining the World Trade Organisation, pursuing trade conflicts with Mexico and Canada and above all with China.

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