Black History Month offer: four pamphlets for £5

Submitted by cathy n on 17 October, 2021 - 12:52
US civil war

To celebrate Black History Month 2021, we are running a special offer: four pamphlets on black history for £5 including postage (normally they would be about £9 including postage).

The pamphlets can be purchased here.

Revolution for black liberation (2013) tells the story of the hundreds of thousands of black soldiers who were central to transforming the US’s Civil War (1861-5) from a battle to preserve the status quo into a revolution against slavery – and how the betrayal of that struggle after the war shaped today’s America.

Workers against slavery (2015) tells the story of mass British workers’ protests against slavery and against ruling-class moves to support the Southern slave-owners in the US Civil War, their impact internationally and how they drove a radicalisation and revival of the British labour movement.

A socialist and anti-imperialist rebel in Parliament (2020) places Shapurji Saklatvala – Indian freedom fighter, communist and the first Labour MP of colour – in the context of the powerful workers’ and anti-colonial movements which swept the planet after the First World War. It includes discussion of Saklatvala’s ally John Archer, anti-colonialist, pan-Africanist and the first black council leader in London.

How to beat the racists (2001) includes articles on the history of black people in Britain; the historical roots of racism in the rise of capitalism; Martin Luther King and Malcolm X; the Black Panthers; the Battle of Lewisham; how Europe underdeveloped Africa; as well as many struggles and campaigns which were taking place in 2001.

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