Kino Eye: Into her own hands

Submitted by AWL on 23 March, 2021 - 5:48 Author: John Cunningham
'Adoption' film

Adoption (from Hungary: Marta Mészáros, 1975), centres on the plight of Kata, a factory worker who is single and, at the age of 45, has decided she wants to have a baby. She tells her lover Joska, who is married, but he refuses to go along with her wishes. Kata befriends Anna, a teenage orphan who she meets in a café, and finds the support and solidarity she so desperately needs. Kata, now having rejected Joska, goes to the orphanage where Anna was brought up and adopts one of the children. The film ends in a freeze frame with Kata getting on a bus with her adopted child. No easy future beckons, and Kata will probably remain a factory worker, but she has finally taken her life in her own hands.

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