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Submitted by AWL on 26 January, 2021 - 5:58
Peter Tatchell support HK activists

Safe and Equal is producing a new leaflet soon for door-to-door distribution, and developing a call on other campaigning groups which have backed better isolation pay to organise a united front on the issue.

Bell Ribiero-Addy MP has been working with the campaign to investigate the employment practices of companies working under the Track and Trace banner. Frontline workers at test centres indicate that many are employed on zero-hours contracts, without isolation pay.

A number of activists are now lobbying their councils trying to ensure all care providers pay full sick pay. Unison activists in the North West and Islington won that issue in 2020: we need to spread the victories.

Safe and Equal is phoning round hundreds of workers who have signed its petition and discussing workplace campaigns. It are also putting workers who cannot afford to isolate in touch with interested journalists.

Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong UK has its big Zoom protest meeting coming up on 30 January, as the HK government extends its demand for an oath of loyalty onto 439 district councillors.

Free Our Unions has an organising meeting on Tuesday 26 January. It will discuss assisting FoU supporters who are active in Momentum to submit policy on fighting anti-union and anti-strike laws to Momentum’s “policy primary” process.

• Campaign info and links, and model motion texts, here

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