The US presidential election: what should socialists say?

Submitted by AWL on 18 October, 2020 - 6:54
Biden and Trump

Workers' Liberty advocates a vote for the US Green Party's presidential candidate, socialist activist Howie Hawkins; but not all our members and supporters agree. We have carried a series of articles with different positions and perspectives, which are collected together below (most recent first).

Fascism and Trump: theory and history, by Martin Thomas
Debate: Marxists and Democrats, by Martin Thomas
24 October AWL committee debate on the election
• Why American unions back Biden, by Eric Lee
Use election to build socialist politics, by Daniel Randall
Lesser-evilism in the 2020 US Elections, by Barry Finger
Trump and epoch, by Luke Hardy
Democrats: no space for radicals, by Mark Obsorn
Democrats: the danger of co-option, by Daniel Randall
"A stronger vote against Trump": interview with Howie Hawkins
This election is different in two ways, by Martin Thomas
Hawkins and Walker: socialist candidates (statement by AWL)
Why socialists should not support Hawkins, by Eric Lee
Trump: not fascist, maybe pre-fascist, by Matt Cooper
The threat from Trump, by Thomas Carolan
A socialist vote for Biden, by Thomas Carolan
Not just hope, action, by Jim Denham
What Hawkins can build, by Simon Nelson
The case for backing Hawkins, by Daniel Randall
Donald Trump is a fascist, by Thomas Carolan
A socialist voice in difficult times, by Keith Road

• Earlier debate on our attitude to Bernie Sanders, from Kieran Miles and Justine Canady, here and here.

See also:

Range of articles published by US socialist group Solidarity
Don't support Biden, even against Trump, published by US socialist magazine New Politics
Why I'm voting for Biden and urge you to do so, published the New Politics
The lesser evil trap, published by US socialist magazine Tempest
Debate with US socialists, published by Australian socialist publication Red Flag

Plus on the threat of a Trump coup:

"If Trump attempts a coup, all bets are off": our interview with Vermont AFL-CIO President David Van Deusen
Unions are beginning to talk about staving off a possible coup, published by US trade union network Labor Notes
10 things you need to know to stop a coup, republished by Solidarity US
• Social self-defence against the impending Trump coup and How workers can help defeat a Trump coup, published by Labor Network for Sustainability
Unions are starting discussions of how to resist a Trump coup, published by Jacobin

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