Momentum Internationalists is relaunching

Submitted by AWL on 26 August, 2020 - 11:20
Stop Building Borders demo

Momentum Internationalists is planning a renewed drive to raise the politics of class struggle and internationalism in the labour movement.

The campaign group was founded by supporters of Labour for a Socialist Europe in the run-up to the elections for the National Co-ordinating Group of the big left-Labour group Momentum.

In that election, it argued:

• that Momentum should uphold basic norms of labour-movement democracy (for example having an annual conference to set policy, so as to be able to campaign for the sovereignty of Labour Party Conference without looking ridiculous)

• that the Labour left should stand for the transformation and democratisation of the trade unions, rather than pursuing horse-trading with the union bureaucracies or regarding them as champions of socialism

• that Momentum’s outlook should be internationalist: for freedom of movement, against the hard right’s Brexit agenda, and taking freedom struggles around the world seriously, from Hong Kong to Eastern Europe.

We made a splash with campaigns to push back against Keir Starmer’s pro-Modi lurch on Kashmir, and the Labour leadership’s inadequate response to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Now that the NCG elections are over, Momentum Internationalists will carry on its campaigning work and widen out its scope from Momentum internal affairs to build an internationalist left more broadly in the Labour Party and raise the flag for internationalist ideas more widely in society.

Momentum Internationalists has taken part in the first of a series of demonstrations and actions against the government’s inhuman treatment of migrants in the English Channel. Our supporters have organised protests against Poland’s state-led provocations and repression against LGBT people. We mean to promote the voice of the recent rank-and-file revolt by NHS workers over pay and make the Labour leadership back their fight.

And our young supporters will be putting forward a platform in the forthcoming Young Labour elections.

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