£10,000 by 22 November

Submitted by AWL on 3 June, 2020 - 4:45

We have reached the £3,000 mark in our appeal for £10,000 by 22 November, as donations from Stuart, Chris, John and Bryan take us to £3,125.

Since 30 May we have seen the first large protests since the Covid-19 emergency hit. We still don’t have the “ecology” of meetings, demonstrations, and street and door-to-door activity to sustain our usual tabloid publication, but we will be out there in the actions across the country in solidarity with the protests in the US and against racism and police brutality across the world.

Our online output continues to increase. New videos include our now weekly editorial video and, this week, two supporters in Lewisham speaking about the climate crisis and the socialist answer to it. Keep watching and reading our content, join us on the streets, and continue to donate: workersliberty.org/donate

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