ASLEF Boxing Day strike

Submitted by martin on 23 December, 2011 - 6:29

"A strike is a strike. Whatever you think of the wisdom of the tactics, drivers of both unions need to remember that working during a strike (even another union’s strike) helps management and weakens trade unionism in general.

"RMT drivers should remember that no matter how rightly naffed off you are with ASLEF’s leadership, many Society members have taken part in RMT’s strikes over jobs and victimisation..."

The comment by the AWL bulletin Tubeworker on the London Underground strike on Boxing Day 2010, and over Boxing Day pay, by the train drivers' union ASLEF, obviously applies equally to the similar ASLEF Underground strike due on 26 December 2011.

Tubeworker, December 2010

For over twenty years now, one of Tubeworker's main campaigns has been for cross-union solidarity among Tube workers, for a single union for the industry, and against all sorts of sectional "chauvinism" which fail to see that solidarity with other grades of workers or other unions is a priority even when there are genuine disagreements.

Tubeworker's Boxing Day 2010 comment came after Tubeworker had hosted an online discussion, involving over 50 Tube workers, about the dispute.

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