What's Wrong With PRP?

Submitted by Tubeworker on 16 August, 2006 - 8:55

London Underground is trying to extend an element of Performance-Related Pay into operational grades. Other companies already use it and will look to extend it. So what’s wrong with it?

  • Running a railway relies on teamwork - so whose performance is rewarded? Usually, we perform, managers get a bonus.
  • How and by whom is 'performance' to be judged? Subjectively, by managers. So they can reward the faces they like.
  • Performance measures eg. mystery shopper scores, are hugely affected by factors other than the performance of the individual worker, or even the staff team.
  • PRP can become a means of punishing not just 'poor performers', but people who stand up against management.
  • A person's performance at work can be affected by issues such as health or domestic issues. Staff need help with these things, not the threat of losing money.
  • PRP takes away pay equality. Instead of each grade all taking home the same, people will look over each others' shoulders as to how much PRP different people are getting, encouraging resentment and bitching, turning workers against each other instead of uniting against management.
  • People who can do 'that bit extra' do best out of PRP - often people without responsibilites away from the job. In other jobs with PRP, women get less.
  • Perhaps we could accept 'performance-related pay' if we had performance-related mortgages and bills! But we don't.

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