Seeing Thru The Hype

Submitted by Janine on 18 October, 2006 - 9:40

If you believe Hackney Council’s propaganda, you'd think we live under the most generous administration on the planet. Awash we are with fantastic new services.

Just the odd caveat:

  • Many are re-openings or replacements of facilities closed by Hackney's Labour Council in the past. Petchey Academy is on the site of the old Kingsland school; Mossbourne on the site of Hackney Downs – both closed by the Labour Council against opposition from students, parents, staff and the community. It closed London Fields lido in 1988!
  • Other facilities that it has closed over the years remain closed. Nurseries gone. 14 libraries cut to 7. Clissold Leisure Centre still shut.
  • Several new 'public' facilities are built with public money then given over into the control of private hands. Mossbourne and Petchey Academies are the playthings of Sir Clive Bourne and Sir Jack Petchey respectively.

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