EMT driver speaks to On Guard about the election on June 8th

Submitted by OnGuard on 2 June, 2017 - 10:56

How are you voting in the election?
“I’m voting Labour. The Tory manifesto has said that they will guarantee a minimum service when strikes are called.
This, on top of the ballot thresholds they announced last year will make make people feel that they can’t go on strike”. (The Tories introduced new anti union legislation last year which obliges unions in key public sector areas to achieve at 40% vote in favour on a 50% turnout in a strike ballot).

Some drivers have said that they are all the same so voting is pointless.
“But they are not all the same. Corbyn is turning things around however slowly. Finally someone is trying to make the rich pay rather than cut our services. The manifesto pledges to fund the NHS, end student fees and protect social care. It’s a refreshing change from the ‘cutting more gently’ that Labour previously promised. When Blair was the candidate, he was supported by the Sun. Corbyn is being vilified by the press. There’s a reason for that. It’s because he is being effective”.

The Labour manifesto has also pledged a 10 minimum wage. How will this affect railworkers?
“This will help a lot of people on the railway like the cleaners and the cafe workers. TPE and EMT Rail Gourmet people have got different levels of pay from each other. It causes resentment. We need everyone to be on a good living wage”.

A lot of people are saying don’t vote Tory but aren’t saying what you should vote. Why are you saying vote Labour in particular?
“The Tories will go on cutting corporation tax which benefits the rich, whilst carrying on cutting the services which we all need. The Lib Dems will tax everybody, rich and poor, an extra penny int he pound. Ukip don’t have a manifesto as we speak but they won’t have a coherent set of policies. Only Labour have identified precisely where the money will come from to improve things for working class people by increasing taxes on the rich”.

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