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Submitted by martin on 30 September, 2009 - 4:44

Electronic files for some articles from some back issues will be accessible at

E.g. the article on the Blitz in WL 18 is at

There is a subfolder entitled wl19to24, so you will find articles from those issues at addresses like

The attached pdfs show the directory structure.

The file names sometimes contain spaces, since they were Mac files, and Mac allows that. Other software sometimes doesn't, so you may be best to rename the files before trying to deal with them so as to eliminate spaces (and also . and , characters, anything except letters and numbers) from their file names.

You may also do well to add .qxp extensions to the file names.

All that is best done in an FTP programme (File Transfer Protocol - a programme for moving files between computers over the Internet), and one that can handle SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). If you don't have one installed, FileZilla is free. The attached screenshot shows the settings. The password is ***********.

Then you can use FileZilla to download the files too.

Once you are logged in to the mayfirst server with FileZilla you select
then members
then workersliberty
then sites
then web
then files
then wlweb

to reach the files.


The files uploaded are the ones Chris Leary collected together from various CDs and floppies held in the office at the time when he had agreed to do this job of posting the back issues to the web.

There are some problems with the collection.

a. Chris was unsystematic, so that the files aren't collected in an orderly way (and there are files available on CDs and floppies here which he did not collect).

b. On the older issues, the people archiving the files here were not systematic. So sometimes you have Quark files for pages of the magazine. Sometimes you have Word files. Sometimes earlier drafts or trial layouts of articles have been archived, but not the final corrected article as printed. In short, you always need to check what you do against a printed copy of the magazine.


When you have a Quark file, the procedure for extracting text and posting it to the web is the same as with posting articles from the paper to the web:

When you have a Word file, it is even simpler. Just add an extra linebreak between paragraphs.


Where an article or an issue is missing, the next resort is to scan in articles from a printed copy of the magazine.

Make a pdf of each article (and make sure its name has no spaces in it - againstsats.pdf rather than against sats.pdf, for example), then:

1. Log in to the website with username awl and password riemannzeta (to give you admin rights)

2. Go to "create content" (near the bottom of left-hand menu)

3. Choose "story"

4. Put the title of the story in the "Title" slot

5. Click on the relevant "categories" to tag the article with what it's about. Be as specific as possible: e.g. "Testing and tables", not "Schools", or "Education", for an article about SATS. To select more than one category in a particular "box" of categories, hold down the Ctrl key.

6. Using the "Publications" drop-down menu, tag the article with the magazine issue it comes from. (Unless it is from WL 43 to 66. See below for that). If there is no "category" for the issue, then email me and I will create one.

7. Put the author's name in the "Author" slot

8. Put "Download pdf" in the "Short description" slot

9. Put "Download pdf: see 'attachment', below." in the Body slot. (Be careful about the tag: any typo in it, and it doesn't work.

10. Click on "File attachments", and upload the pdf.

11. Click on "Submit".

12. Check it looks all right.

13. If it doesn't, click on the "Edit" tab and amend it.


Tom is working on issues WL 18 to 25 inclusive. Patrick Y is also working on old issues. Matthew is starting with WL 26 and working forwards.

Once you have an article to hand in electronic form, post it. Don't wait until you have built up a big collection of articles to post. One of the things which has held us up on getting this task done is people approaching it in the fashion of doing a lot of preparatory work first, then being distracted, with the result that all the half-done preparatory work is wasted.

Scattered articles from old magazines are already on the site. Click on the Workers' Liberty logo in the left hand column to see which ones, and don't duplicate them.

When you post articles to the website, it is very important that they are "tagged" with the correct categories (or else no-one much will ever find them on the site).

Mostly this is a matter of tagging the article with the "category" for the correct issue number, and "categories" for subjects covered. Make the tags as specific as possible: for instance, use "fighting global capitalism" only if you can find nothing more specific.

With articles from WL43 to 66, it is different. Most of those articles, though not all, are in the "old" part of the website. So in the "new" part of the website, each issue is represented by a "node", a single posting, containing a contents page with links to all the articles.

When you post an article from one of those magazines, do not tag it with the Workers' Liberty issue number.

If you are doing an older issue where none of the articles have been posted, then you will need to create the "category". You go to "Administer">"Categories">"Publications">Add term, and make sure to add the appropriate term with the appropriate "parent" category.

For all this you will need to have an administrator log-in on the AWL website. Username awl, password ***********. I change the password for the awl username from time to time, for security. I'll tell you when. If the password suddenly doesn't work, maybe I've changed it and forgotten to tell you, so ask me.


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