How Socialists Think We Can Stop Climate Change


Broadsheet Cover- Top: Workers Liberty. Middle: How Socialists Think we Can Stop Climate Change. Bottom: First articles next an illustration of a smoking chimney stack.
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As socialists we have a different perspective from some others in the environmental movement about the way forward. This broadsheet explains our views on nationalising the big energy companies; putting industry under democratic control, and; taxing the rich to fund renewable energy.


Climate Change is the ultimate crisis that humanity faces. It is at, its core, a capitalist crisis, the drive for ever expanding profit has destroyed the environment, changing our climate and leading to more intense and destructive acts of nature across the world. Workers’ Liberty are socialists. We have a different view from some others in the environmental movement about the way
forward and we’ve printed this leaflet to explain our view:

  • By nationalising the big energy companies, not trying to out-compete them or threaten them using divestment measures
  • By putting industry under democratic control: we want to see workers and trade unions take the lead in drawing up decarbonisation plans
  • By taxing the rich to fund big renewable energy and carbon capture projects – not leaving it to the market
Table of Contents
  • Whats the Problem?
  • Profit
  • Carbon Bubble and "Divestment" Campaigns
  • Unlocking Labour Movement Power
  • Workers' Plans
  • Councils in the UK
  • Organise the Unorganised!
  • Nationalise the Big Six!
  • A Workers' Government
  • Internationalism

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