The Left in Disarray


Book Cover "The Left in Disarray" in white text on a green background with an image below depicting Marx and Lenin "facepalming" at a sign which reads; "We are Hezbullah, Boycott Israel"
Sean Matgamna
Long book
408 pages

Politically, the left is still very weak and disoriented. It needs to emerge from defining itself primarily in a negative and reactive way, and rediscover what, positively, the real left must be for. By Sean Matgamna; a companion volume to Can Socialism Make Sense?

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Two books- Failures and disorientations of the contemporary British Left

Despite a significant growth in popularity and some quickening of life, the political culture of the left remains weak, fractured and disoriented. This book charts the turns and realignments imprinted on the left over decades through the ascendancy of Stalinism to its collapse and the subsequent global reshufflings.

The working class needs an independent politics with its own compass and path. The left must emerge from defining itself in a negative and reactive way and rediscover what the real left must be for.

Written to complement Can Socialism Make Sense?, which argues for unabridged socialist and anti-capitalist aims.

Table of Contents
  • Stalinism Has Not Been Buried Yet
    • The Stalinist Roots of the Present Crisis on the Left
    • The Stalinist Counter-revoluton in Socialism and In Marxism
    • The Melding of Left and Right: The Stalinist Synthesis
    • Summary: Aspirant Socialism and "Socialism"
    • The Fate of the Bolshevik Rearguard
    • The Survivors of Atlantis
  • Imperialism and Anti-imperialism in the Making of the Contemporary Left
    • Imperialism and Anti-imperialism
    • Bureaucratic Imperialism and the Socialist Revolution
    • Imperialism and the Left: Twenty Case Histories
    • Iraq and the "Liberal Interventionists"
    • The Reevaluation of Values
    • The Anti-imperialism of Fools: How Israel became the World's Hyper-imperialism
  • The Left in Disarray: Ten Polemics
  • People Who Shaped the Left in Five Essays
  • How Not to Fight the Kitsch Left: The Euston Manifesto
  • Index; Sources

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