Leaflets, posters: AWL activities August 2021

Submitted by cathy n on 20 July, 2021 - 10:35

Go to bit.ly/mo-pe for other petitions and suggested wordings for labour movement motions; to workersliberty.org/agenda for info and links from a number of campaigns

Refugee Action petition against the Nationality and Borders Bill: download here

Petition: Fight climate change — expropriate the banks!

Available to download here.

Hong Kong unions solidarity petition

Available to download here.

Sun and Socialism, London AWL event Sunday 29 August

Available to download here.

A leaflet for Myanmar solidarity work

• UK clothing brands cut ties with Myanmar dictatorship. Download here.

A poster for Myanmar solidarity work. (H&M) Download here.

Three Workers' Liberty posters for Alternative Pride and beyond.

• Defend LGBT+ refugees download here.

• Solidarity with LGBT+ organisations censored in China download here.

• Seize the banks, rebuild the NHS, fund trans healthcare here.

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