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Submitted by Canary (not verified) on Sat, 19/06/2021 - 11:11

Business has always, and will always, use the current circumstances to cut costs or change working practices to make themselves more profitable. You're a fool if you're shocked by that. The financial crisis was used to make people reapply for their jobs on worse T&Cs, to cut overtime rates, to increase anti-social hours, to install pay freezes, to change permanent jobs into contract jobs and zero hours jobs. All these things benefitted the businesses and they've never been changed back after the recession was over. 75% of the UK workforce are not in trade unions, partly because many employers won't recognise them for negotiation purposes. It's a waste of time and money therefore for the low paid to join trade unions. When all businesses are doing the same thing to compete, employees have no way out of it. We've told all the political parties and trade unions these things for over a decade, but nothing has changed for the better for most people. Business is now using Covid to cut costs/further downgrade T&Cs, and it will continue long after Covid until there's government action and laws to reverse it. The biggest joke of all is on businesses/investors because their 'race to the bottom' is choking the economy and the optimism on which the whole of business depends. They're very short-sighted people, changing optimism to pessimism with almost every move they make.

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