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Submitted by Auld Labour (not verified) on Fri, 18/06/2021 - 16:59

It's swinging left. Corbyn's time was a kind of theoretical left, like the left was being re-acquainted with itself, but it wasn't the down-to-earth mutual left that people wanted. Do you remember the shock of the establishment when Corbyn was elected Labour leader? How can this be happening, they exclaimed. Well, it was the natural swing left that had been prevented for so long that its head was still in the neoliberal prison of a Murdoch headline. But this time the swing is coming from outside the established routes making it far more likely to be resonant, genuine and a lot less 'scaredy pants' 😁 Sooner or later it was coming, and in a round about way, the Tories need it as much as the Labour Party does, because the whole system has become estranged from the people. If at the next election the left win, the Tories will be forced back to their own core vote too. It's become so predictable and boring that the system itself is suffering.

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