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Submitted by Chris allen (not verified) on Mon, 14/06/2021 - 12:15

There is no sign that their will be the sort of outward going election campaign that will increase turnout  to above 15%. Currently most members are disinterested. In this circumstance reliance on the idea that some of Coyne vote last time was a protest vote seems risky, are we saying that Allinson’s vote last time was also boosted by a protest vote? Part of the legacy of the unions that merged to form UNITE is there is a proper “right wing” that is organised, and turns out, and will turn out again. We have to assess on what we know, not on what is possible, or what might be. It feels very high risk to suggest that Graham will get lots of people to vote, that have not before - particularly because she does not have a long history of rank and file activism, over many years, which is reflected as an on the ground movement across the union. Graham might be trying to break the boundaries of previous elections, but the one example I can think of this being successful (serwotka in PCS), relied on more than the intentions of candidate. But maybe I will be proved wrong, that somehow union employees can substitute for an established network of lay activists. What we know suggests to me that even Graham can’t beat Coyne, while Beckett and Turner are also candidates

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