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Submitted by Former employee (not verified) on Thu, 05/12/2019 - 14:00

I am truly empathic of those loyal employees who have had there positions placed under threat. In particular, this close to Christmas etc.
Buy-outs like this are not uncommon.
E.on is a business that makes profit.
Their ROI will be from the customer base it has just acquired.
This is purely a business move on their part and if they can handle the increased customer base by enlarging their own staff then why wouldn’t they.
They will recover some of the investment by selling off the buildings they are closing, (Rainton is a huge win for them)
The unions involved within the company are nothing short of meddlesome pains in the backside speaking from experience. They bleat on about rights for this and rights for that when they are directly responsible for bringing down the business at every opportunity. They set out at every turn to undermine the senior management and strut about flashing peacock feathers.
Let’s see how striking helps shall we......
It’s common sense, if you stop work the business loses money, if the business loses money then it becomes vulnerable to buy out.
I am sure that the management will have already considered this unrealistic threat and will build in to any redundancy package a performance clause to support the migration. I know I would....
As for nationalising the company, I’m not holding my breath.

Name provided on request.

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