Tube Lines: Crank Up The Pressure

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Fri, 18/01/2013 - 09:44,

Tube Lines' new management - aka. London Underground Ltd! - need a little time to think about whether they can afford to meet our demand for equal pensions and passes, apparently.

They reckon they might be able to afford it if we make some sacrifices: or jobs, pay and conditions, perhaps? They seem to be forgetting that equality is our RIGHT, not something that we should have to pay for. The company can look elsewhere for the cost, perhaps into their own overstuffed pockets, or to the wasteful system of contracts and consultants that litters their outfit.

While the employers ponder, we should concentrate their minds with some renewed industrial action. This could be boosted if ASLEF were to join RMT in this battle, and if the union maintains its improved communication of the issues to rank-and-file members.

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