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LU has announced its plans for reforming the Special Requirements Team (SRT), which currently covers projects and events. They want to turn the SRT into an "anytime, anywhere" workforce, providing permanent mobile cover to plug staffing gaps on stations. The SRT framework will be "aligned" with the main stations framework, meaning SRT staff can cover rostered shifts on stations (which they currently can't). Cover weeks would be introduced for the SRT, meaning even more "flexibility" for the company. Zones will be reviewed, potentially meaning SRT staff could be sent to work anywhere. SRT CSS jobs will be abolished, and current SRT CSSs displaced to other locations. Some additional jobs are being created... but for new managers!

The LU email announcing the proposals said: "While we're asking for more flexibility from our SRT, there will be no compulsory redundancies"... as if they're doing us a favour! There's a no-compulsory-redundancies guarantee in the main agreement between LU and the unions; compulsory redundancies was never on the table. The reality of the proposals is that they are 100% take and 0% give. They wholly benefit what LU likes to call "business needs", to the detriment of staff.

Unions must resist. A correspondent writes:

"When the SRT was created, LU were desperate to make it a combine-wide reserve. Union power prevented this from becoming reality and the SRT instead became known for combining flexibility with fairness, providing good work/life balance and supporting stations everywhere in the right way. Typically the company has refused to recognise this and has instead announced a brutal new attempt to force its reserve dream on the SRT. The response from SRT CSAs is a powerful call to arms. Make no mistake, this plan will have dire affects on the combine if successful, limiting project support requests and especially event staffing that will increase the level of danger to staff and customers. SRT reps are mobilising and preparing for the fight ahead."

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