Unions Reject Sick Covid Policy

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 19:05,

Update (2 July): Management have backed down in the face of union opposition. But they have made it clear that they will be back to try this again in future. Tubeworker does not believe that there is any point at which it is OK to discipline someone for not coming to work with a deadly virus. The fiasco over the last day has cast a spotlight on a fundamentally unfair, sick system. Let's take the momentum of our success in defeating this and challenge the whole, rotten Attendance policy. Being ill is not a crime.


London Underground Ltd management announced at today's Company Council that from 19 July, Covid-related sickness absence will be treated like any other sickness absence. Yes, you read that right: your employer plans to discipline you if you are off sick with Covid. Your only way to avoid being disciplined will be to attend work with a deadly virus and risk infecting your workmates and passengers.

Our union representatives downed tools and walked out (well, logged out) of the meeting, and have demanded that the company withdraws it immediately. Quite right too: this is a shocking and disgraceful announcement which puts our lives at risk, which has caused outrage across the job.

Management's tails are already heading towards their legs, as a hasty bulletin assures us that they are considering their position. If their considerations do not led to a sharp retreat, then we expect the unions to call action, and we remind readers that as of 19 July, LUL will not be a safe place to work and the law says that you can refuse to work in an unsafe workplace.

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