Report from Inverness Sleeper picket

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Mon, 05/10/2020 - 10:46,
RMT leaflet explaining Sleeper dispute

Despite the horrific weather conditions, there was a great turnout on the picket line at Inverness last night to stand with striking Caledonian Sleeper staff.

Placards and leaflets publicised the case for the strike, and tea, coffee and chips kept spirits up. Special thanks to the GMB union for coming to support the RMT: solidarity between our unions is so important, especially now, and thank you for the leaflets etc, we really appreciated the effort you both put in.

On a miserable night this was very successful. Passengers actively engaged with strikers, and those who had been booked on the sleeper, even having had the inconvenience of travelling through the day, stood and spoke and understood why we were striking.

Well done to everyone involved.

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