TfL TSEOs should be LU RCIs

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Thu, 27/02/2020 - 14:45,

As Unite members working in various TfL departments (Dial-a-Ride, bus revenue inspectors, streets enforcement workers, and others) gear up for another strike over pay on 28 February, TfL is now recruiting for a new grade of “Transport Support and Enforcement Officer” (TSEO), paid £27k per year, who’ll work “pan-modally”, across streets, buses, and LU.

Some of the material for this job suggests part of their role will be to provide a “physical intervention” against fare evasion and antisocial behaviour. They may even have devolved policing powers.

In recent weeks we’ve seen existing TfL revenue staff working in and around LU stations, to the extent of checking tickets on LU gatelines. This is essentially a form of outsourcing – work that should be done by directly-employed LU stations and revenue staff is being done by lower-paid workers employed by TfL.

Prospective TSEOs themselves are not the problem, the job description and contract is. We want those jobs to be converted into directly-employed LU revenue jobs, on the same terms and conditions, and levels of training, as existing LU RCIs. That’s what’s needed, not glorified bouncers forced to put themselves in harm’s way for the same money as a CSA2.

As the new TSEOs will be employed by TfL’s Compliance, Policing, and On-Street Operations (CPOS) department, where Unite is recognised, it will make more sense for Unite to organise them. But they must work closely with RMT to campaign for the levelling up of terms and conditions, and ultimately for TSEO jobs to be transferred into LU as RCI positions.

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