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Get your own back?

A recent email from an Area Manager calls for volunteers for a made-up local scheme based on LU stuff colluding with the cops to criminalise passengers and some of the vulnerable people we find in our stations. Apparently workers can build a good relationship with the local cops. You don't have to...

Temperature rises in Brixton

After nearly a week the air con in Brixton control room is still on the blink. Some staff are now refusing to work in these conditions, redirecting the calls to the CSM office and informing control that if an alarm goes off they'll evacuate the station.

Management need to get this fixed now and...

Exam Grade Debacle

By a London Teacher

Scottish school students received grades for Nationals, Highers and Advanced Higher courses on Tuesday 4 August.

Grades had been estimated by schools after exams were cancelled due the Covid pandemic. 125,000 grades, or a quarter of the total, were lowered by the Scottish...

Wot No Chair?

One of the demands in RMT's "Covid-19 Charter" is that station staff should work from behind glass as much as possible. It's a simple enough demand, and an important one for maximising distance and minimising contact.

Clearly not every CSA at a large station can work behind glass. But GLAPS...

No Card? No Trip.

Since the pandemic, confirmation cards have been left with the logbook in drivers' cabs to verify that the cab has been properly cleaned and disinfected with anti-viral cleaning solution.

But some drivers report finding these cards haven't been filled in. When they ring a manager, they're simply...

Aslef launch ballot; vote yes, build the fightback!

Aslef has announced an industrial action ballot of their LU membership, closing on 17 September.

They wrote to LU seeking "unequivocal commitment to adhering to the agreed Machinery of Negotiation and Health and Safety Machinery and to confirm that they will not impose any changes to our members...

Four in a lift?

Management continue to confuse workers and passengers alike with their confused guidance on social distancing.

Take these posters by lifts across the network. Clearly these are designed for stations without escalators where the lift is the main way to and from the platforms.

How the lifts in...

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