Ideas for Freedom 2021

Submitted by martin on 30 January, 2020 - 6:39

Around the weekend 10-11 July 2021.

A festival of socialist ideas and leftwing discussion, hosted by Workers' Liberty, Ideas for Freedom is an opportunity to explore, through talks, film showings, workshops and debates, ideas about how our world works, and how we can fight for a better one.

You can buy tickets in advance now: either for in-person attendance (first panel below) or online participation (second panel).

Highlights at the weekend (11 to 6, Saturday; 10 to 4:30pm, Sunday):


• Is socialist revolution possible? Is it desirable? Ruth Cashman, Workers' Liberty, debates Professor John Strawson

• What should feminists say about sex work? Anita Downs debates Ruth Tweedale

• Is China imperialist?

Panels and talks

• QAnon and the rise of a new far right, with speakers including Joe Mulhall, Hope Not Hate

• Winning freedom of speech, with speakers including Shiva Mahbobi, women's rights activist and spokesperson for Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI)

• Trade unionism in and after lockdowns, with speakers including Prof. Gregor Gall and Janine Booth, RMT activist and Workers' Liberty supporter

• Organising the unorganised, with speakers including John Moloney, Assistant General Secretary, PCS union (pc)

• From #MeToo to the future: confronting violence against women, with speakers including Jill Mountford, Workers’ Liberty

• What's happening in Myanmar? with speakers from the Myanmar labour movement

• The experience of "Corbynism" and the future of the left in Labour, with speakers including Alan Simpson, former Labour MP, Michael Chessum, and Martin Thomas, Workers' Liberty

• Left perspectives on Lebanon's protest movement, with Lebanese socialist Joey Ayoub

• Confronting antisemitism on the left, with speakers including Keith Kahn-Harris

• USA: where next for workers, unions, and the left? with speakers including Traven Leyshon, Vermont AFL-CIO and Democratic Socialists of America

• The next wave of climate activism, with speakers including Simon Pirani, author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption

• Understanding the Renaissance, with Prof. Cath Fletcher, author of The Beauty and the Terror

• The historical roots of antisemitism on the left, with Daniel Randall, Workers' Liberty

• Covid: what we know and what we don't know, with Prof. George Davey Smith

For online participation, in sessions that will be livestreamed on Zoom, you can book a regular ticket (which helps pay the costs of putting on the event), at prices varying on how early you book or whether you're waged, low-waged or student, or unwaged; or an online-only ticket for £10 flat-rate. If you buy an online-only ticket in advance, but decide to come in person after all, you can top up to an in-person ticket at the "early" prices offered at the time you booked your online ticket.

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