The German Revolution: selected writings of Rosa Luxemburg

The German Revolution: Selected Writings of Rosa Luxemburg

Published on: Tue, 05/03/2019 - 12:21

Rosa Luxemburg, Paul Vernadsky

A new pamphlet from Workers' Liberty, "The German Revolution: Selected Writings of Rosa Luxemburg", has Rosa Luxemburg's major articles from 1918-19.

Listen to the pamphlet - go to our online audio Rosa Luxemburg collection here.

56 pages A4. Cover price £5. With postage - non-UK £7, UK £6. Cheap rates for bulk orders: four for £18, ten for £40, twenty for £70.

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With non-UK postage £7.00 GBPWith UK postage £6.00 GBP4 copies (UK) £18.00 GBP10 copies (UK) £40.00 GBP20 copies (UK) £70.00 GBP

They span the time from when the German revolution of

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