AWL's "first six months" reading list

Submitted by martin on 12 December, 2012 - 9:52
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In addition to taking part in classes and discussions, AWL activists have a short list of pamphlets and (short) books which they're expected to read in their first six months as an activist - when they are a "candidate activist", and before becoming a full member.

These are:

Communist Manifesto
Wage Labour and Capital
Wages, Price, and Profit
Socialism Utopian and Scientific
Theses on Feuerbach
State and Revolution
Left-Wing Communism
Revolution Betrayed

We Stand for Workers' Liberty
How Solidarity Can Change the World
Two Nations, Two States
Why Socialist Feminism

All these are available online, and you will find study notes on most of them at

Most activists will have read at least some of these before taking the decision to join AWL. If you haven't, and if you are not used to reading socialist literature and find it difficult, don't panic! Contact your AWL branch organiser, or failing that the AWL office, or just a more experienced AWL member, and they will help you.

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