£20,000 by 10-11 July

Submitted by martin on 6 April, 2021 - 4:38

We raised £19,420 from our 2020 fund drive, enabling us to employ a new temporary part-time office worker and a new part-time staff organiser working "remotely", and to make our current special cheap subs offer. Still, we need more fund-raising, particularly to support a good "return to the streets" when that becomes possible and to give us options when looking for a new office.

We're aiming for £20,000 by 10-11 July.

£20,709 of our £20,000 target!

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In 2020, some of our supporters, fortunate enough still to be receiving full pay, donated money they had saved from not commuting, not going out, or cancelling holidays.

We're hoping for some of the same again. When politics does go back on the streets, there will be many reckonings to be done. And we need to be as little impeded as possible in seeking those reckonings by the chronic financial shortages normal to revolutionary socialist activity.

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