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Diary of a postal worker: The industrial front

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The Monthly Survey

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Industrial news in brief

Tube cleaners in the RMT union have faced a lock-out as managers sent them home for refusing to use “biometric booking-on” machines. The machines are intended to replace the existing system of booking on by signing in with station supervisors, and by phone. They require cleaners to enter a fingerprint. The RMT has raised concerns about the use of the machines to collect data on cleaners, many of whom are migrant workers, as well as their possible use as a further pretext for reducing station staffing levels. A ballot of RMT cleaner members working for ISS returned a large majority in favour of...

CWU edges towards “two funds”

The CWU (Communication Workers’ Union, covering post and telecom workers) met for its postal, telecom, and general conferences on 27 April to 1 May. The biggest political debate was on Scottish independence. Several Scottish delegates spoke for a “no” to independence, saying that “as a union, we’ re stronger together” and they won a large majority. Only one of the 13 Scottish branches is pro-independence. Of the two motions on the Collins Review, the more combative was defeated, and the “steady as you go” one was carried. A rule change was submitted by a regional committee and a branch...

Industrial news in brief

On 1 May, UCU members at Lambeth College in South London will begin indefinite strike action to block attacks on their conditions. These attacks include increased working and contact hours, cuts to annual leave, additional duties for no extra pay, reduced redundancy notice and drastically reduced sick pay. Management are attempting to impose the new contracts on new workers, current staff who are promoted, and hourly-paid staff. They have also said that these new conditions may be rolled out to cover all staff. Unison members, part of the Lambeth Council branch, are also balloting, but are not...

1,600 post jobs to go

Royal Mail has announced plans to cut 1,600 jobs. The cuts, mainly of back-room and Head Office jobs, come in the wake of the privatisation of the service late last year. Unite and the CWU union, both of whom have many members working in the post, have said they are considering balloting for strike action. A spokesman from Unite claimed the job cuts had been calculated to make the service more attractive to the market. Almost four months ago, the CWU agreed a deal with management that would give Royal Mail workers a 9% pay increase and a range of guarantees against zero-hour contracts and...

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