CWU Conference: Left wins the argument but loses the vote

Published on: Tue, 30/06/1998 - 16:09

At this year’s conference of the Communications Workers’ Union the newly elected General Secretary, Derek Hodgson, did the Blairite Labour Government a big favour. He successfully derailed the campaign for workers’ rights that has been built up within the union since its formation in 1995.

The CWU was one of the first unions to discuss, in conference, the Government’s proposed legislation on union rights — contained in the White Paper, Fairness at Work. CWU policy has been in favour of the repeal of the anti-trade union laws and for positive legislation on trade union rights. Union activists

"Resign!" is the most popular call

Published on: Tue, 13/01/1998 - 12:36

Tuesday. I’m just about to set off for work when the phone rings. It’s someone from Royal Mail — they want me to turn up at the delivery office at 5.00 tomorrow morning to “have a chat and a look around”. Being as yet unaware of Royal Mailspeak, I presume I have an interview.

Wednesday. Arrive at the delivery office. Everything looks hectic. Managers in flash shirts and ties hold important-looking mobile phone conversations. Radio One blares out across the floor whilst endless trolleys of mail are transported into the office.

Eventually I find the line manager I am looking for — short, stocky

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