CPGB-WW polemic

Debate between the AWL and the CPGB (Weekly Worker)

Kabul 1978 and Petrograd 1917: In defence of the October Revolution by Sean Matgamna. An analysis of the claim by The Leninist and the Weekly Worker that the Stalinist coup in Kabul in April 1978 was a great and authentic revolution (pdf, 338k).

Open letter to the CPGB, by Martyn Hudson and Lawrie Coombs, Solidarity 3/30, 15 May 2003

Crazies of the world unite, Solidarity 3/30, 15 May 2003

Weekly Worker goes ballistic on Iraq, by Martin Thomas, 16 April 2003

On the coat-tails of the SWP, by Martyn Hudson, Solidarity 3/27, 3 April 2003

Under the sign of the oxymoron: the contradictions of the CPGB/WW on Stalinism and democracy, by Sean Matgamna, Solidarity 3/22, 25 January 2003

Marxism and karaoke-Leninism: selected documents from debates between the AWL and CPGB/WW (pdf, 108k)

Fantasy opportunism and the Muslim Association, by Clive Bradley. (For a briefing on the Muslim Association, click here.)

The Socialist Alliance and the labour movement - debate between the AWL and the CPGB, May 2001

Weekly Worker on Afghanistan, October 2001

AWL letter to the CPGB about a joint paper, 22 February 2002

Reply from Jack Conrad of the CPGB

Stalinism and the return of the repressed: Reply by Martin Thomas to Jack Conrad, 12 March 2002

AWL calls for debate on new paper, Solidarity 16 March 2002

Jack Conrad's reply to "Return of the Repressed?"

Critical Notes on the CPGB/WW

Leeds and the politics of the apolitical, by Sean Matgamna

Never Stalinist?, by Martin Thomas

Weekly Worker report on the 29 September 2002 CPGB aggregate held to discuss their relations with the AWL

AWL comment: snap out of it!, by Martin Thomas

Jack Conrad's seven-part polemic against AWL, parts (November 2002 to January 2003) one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven.

Schema or banality: the CPGB and "federal republic"

Notes on Ellen Meiksins Wood, by Clive Bradley

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