Covid-19 (London Transport)

Mourn the dead, fight like hell for the living!

Latest figures show that 57 transport workers in London have died from Covid-19.

The majority, 42, of these were bus workers, highly exposed by their employers' unforgivable foot-dragging over moving to middle-door boarding and implementing additional distancing measures. Eight of the deaths are...

Get symptoms, get disciplined?

At the first sign of Covid symptoms it is essential to stay at home and self isolate in line with NHS guidelines.

This is to keep ourselves safe, our families safe, our colleagues safe, and even strangers safe. It's even to keep the boss safe, though chances are they will be working from home...

Keep your badges, we want better conditions and in-house employment!

Risk your life carrying out essential, frontline work during a deadly global pandemic... how does your employer reward you? Well, if you're a cleaner on London Underground... it's with a small badge.

There's widespread anger amongst ABM staff at what's seen as a slap in the face. Rather than...

Isolation unpaid?

Tubeworker HQ has received reports of some station staff having Company Sick Pay withdrawn for periods of self-isolation, for extremely spurious reasons.

Although there's only a handful of cases of this type at the moment, they set a dangerous precedent. If workers can't be absolutely confident...

Full Roster? No Thanks!

There is still a pandemic. There are still far fewer passengers. There is still danger in coming to work.

Sorry for stating the obvious, but it appears that some managers have forgotten.

In order to reduce infection risk, early in the first lockdown, stations adopted 'pandemic rosters', in...

New lockdown: reinforce safety measures!

The new lockdown comes into effect from tomorrow. Our unions must fight for reinforced safety measures.

LU has said workers in the "Clinically Extremely Vulnerable" (CEV) category will not be expected to be in the workplace, and those whose jobs mean they can't work from home are likely to be put...

Close for deep cleans!

Union reps are pushing LU to improve its procedures for when a case of Covid is confirmed in a workplace, after recent incidents at Euston and Victoria. An RMT leaflet says current processes are "not robust or comprehensive enough."

Of particular concern is LU's insistence that they can keep a...

Tube cuts: prepare for action

Talks between TfL and the government about a further funding bailout are ongoing, with discussions being extend past the 17 October deadline for the expiry of the previous package.

Tory attack lines blame Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan for "bankrupting" TfL. This is a blatant lie. TfL's funding crisis...

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