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Submitted by Jason on Tue, 24/04/2007 - 16:45

Hi Sacha and Clive

Thank you for your invitation to debate. As you have observed whne time permits we are happy to debate and discuss issues either here, in other electronic forums, in the unions or in united front campaigns. However, in terms of your proposal for either a specifically arranged event or us attending your summer school to debate imperialism I think the answer is clear that given the different priorities of our two organisations specifically regarding imperialism that- in our opinion- such a debate is not necessarily the most fruitful way forward.


We view the priority of socialists here to oppose the imperialist annexation of Iraq and not only call for troops out now but to take active steps to begin to achieve that goal- to build for mass antiwar protests, for strike action, for blockades, for workers' action to prevent the movement of armamements- for disobedience in the army, for aid and support to Iraqi workers and small farmers resistance to the occupation. You call this position 'idiot' and 'fake' ('kitsch' I had to look it up!) Well, that's your opinion. We of course- like yourselves- are tiny and in fact rather than actively implement any of the above are trying to rebuild networks and organisatuions of working class combativity capable of beginning to actively organise such action. In our opinion, at the moment, given the scale of the task, this does not, currently, include debating on this topic with an organisation diametrically opposed to these aims.

However, let's keep a sense of proportion. On other matters- such as building a rank and file movement in the unions, opposition to privatisation, organising physical resistance to immigration snatch squads, building for worker non-compliance of immigration controls, smashing fascism, solidarity with workers' struggles in some countries, possibly even building a working class socialist revolutionary party we do have common ground and are more than happy to work together.

So let's work together on those areas and continue to fraternally debate differences in the mean time. Sounds perfectly sensible and comradely to me.


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