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Submitted by Clive on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 17:41

"The Argentine working class supported the invasion and used the opportunity to begin to again organise itself on the streets..."

Some leftist organisations supported the invasion; others did not. Some organisations which had been courageously opposing the dictatorship continued to do so. The idea that 'the working class' supported an invasion consciously organised in order to derail a general strike is false. And even if it, or sections of it, had done so, you would need to show that this was more than nationalistic backwardness on the part of those sections. Why *should* internationalist, never mind socialist, workers, support their military rulers invading islands on which live people who don't see themselves, at all, as Argentinian? If you some purely mystical 'struggle against imperialism' overrides the rights of actual people, or entails no actual political issues, I guess you can support anything.

But many of the most advanced sections of the Latin American workers' movement - for instance, the Brazilian PT (which at the time was very new and much more radical than it is now) - opposed both sides in the war.

And by the way, nobody has argued that the Iraqi government is a bourgeois democracy.

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