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Submitted by Jason on Mon, 09/04/2007 - 09:56

This seems very confused. When the Argentine dictatorship took the Malvinas- a word you seem incapable of using- they were clearly not being progressive in their intentions. But talk to almost any worker from Latin America or even Africa and they would immediately recognise that the British settler state is part of a wider conflict that of the right of advanced capitalist ruling classes from ther North to control resources and territory in the forcibly underdeveloped world- in a word 'imperialism'.

We would not be indifferent to the fate of the Malvinas settelers/ Falkland islanders- they should have been gauranteed equal rights by the Argentine working class and if - as possible- they had no confidence in this be offered free passage and to any part of Britain they wished.

The Argentine working class supported the invasion and used the opportunity to begin to again organise itself on the streets. Marxists in Argentina should have argued for victory against British imperialism and no fiath in the ability of the Galtieri dictatorhsip to achieve that so using the episode as an opprtunity to rerogansie itself to overthrow the dictatorship. It would have been a long and almost struggle- unless given aid by the British working class who if socialists such as Militant and the other left had argued for a consistent anti-imperialist line- for the defeat of British imperialism, for strikes against the war and mass demonstrations. If Thatcher had been defeated in Malvinas/Falklands then the Tories would have almost certainly fell and not been able to smash the 'enemy within' the British miners which has altered the landscape of class politics in Britain for a generation.

As for the other examples- yes the SWP were chauvinist in the Balkans war- we should have supported Kosova independence but not by imperialist bombing- they didn't want kosova independence but imperialist subjugation.

We should have said Nato out of the Balkans, arms to Kosova workers.

For more on the Malvinas see

(I can't understand your link system on these pages at all I'm afraid. so if anyone's interested just copy and paste into the address bar should work and may be someone can e-mail me instructions on posting links!)

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