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Submitted by Aussietrot on Sun, 05/11/2006 - 01:49

This is the only, and fairly lame, response to a posting of this article on the Green Left (i.e. DSP) Yahoo list so far. Ian Rintoul mentioned below is an ex-member of the ISO aligned to the SWP - GB. So his views are of no surprise whatsoever. Usually there is an avalanche of attacking responses to an AWL post on their Yahoogroup. Could we hope that the article hit a sore spot with the DSP?:


--- In,
> Pip Hinman, of the Castroite Democratic Socialist Perspective, here
> acting as a spokesperson Australian Socialist Alliance says "there
> is nothing to be gained from trying to silence" a medieval
> reactionary like sheik Hilaly. (Howard's Muslim-bashing won't
> advance women's rights, 2 November 2006 http://www.socialist-

It is unfortunate that the only time that the AWL folk have anything
to say to this list it is premissed by their own patented take on Islam.

A comparable comment to that penned by the SA was broadcast by Ian
Rintoul(a person who is neither handicapped by being a "Castroite" nor
by speaking for the Socialist Alliance). This can be read here:

dave riley"

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