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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 16/02/2006 - 14:11

Of all the extraordinary statements in this strange article (which compares the situation of minorities in Ireland in the 1920's with the situation of the majority white population in Europe in the present) this one is perhaps the most blinkered:

"I doubt that anyone not already rabid with hostility to Muslims as people would interpret the cartoon as other than a comment on some (terrorist) Muslims"

Have you not noticed the tidal wave of hatred, defamation, and bigotry directed at Muslims, have you not noticed the fact that the newspaper which printed and solicited the cartoons is at the centre in Denmark, of propagating such views?

It really beggers belief. Most terrifying was your belief that one of the cartoons was 'funny and apt' and a comment on Islamism. So you believe that the cause of political violence in the Middle East is beliefs about virgins?

Have you any ideas about why this is a recent phenomenan? Any ideas about why we are in the middle of this controversy now? I mean Islam has been round for rather a long time.

Don't mention the war....

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