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As far as I know, the only other organisation in Britain that has felt the need to reproduce the Danish Cartoons was the BNP. More worryingly the AWL seems to use same arguments that Griffin used in his defence in court the other day – that Islam is a religion not a race therefore demonising it is not racism. Well quite frankly I don’t care what you call it, racism, Islamophobia or Gregory Peck, but to present a community in a stereo-typed fashion and as inherently dogmatic, violent and threatening is to incite hatred, fear and violence.

Seanysean goes further seeking to justify the cartoons as “directed at certain beliefs and traditions within the [M]uslim faith that seem particularly absurd e.g. that suicide/mass murder leads directly to paradise populated by thousands of virgins for the "martyr's" enjoyment, or the oppression of women underpinned by violence.”

This is simply just factually incorrect. Firstly, suicide bombing was adopted by Palestinian and other groups for “rational” practical reasons, not religious ones. Namely suicide bombers are less easy to detect and deter and the detonations can be manually operated. Indeed the first and majority of suicide bombers came and come from secular organisations. Suicide bombing simply is not a specific “tradition within the [M]uslim faith”. Secondly none of the cartoons concern themselves with the position of women in Islam, and nor is violence against women exclusive to Muslims, but sadly can be found in all communities. Indeed it was only about ten years ago that it became illegal Britain for a man to rape his wife! Medieval or what!

To add insult to injury AWL prints all this guff about “threats” to freedom of speech – err like where? Denmark? Err no, France? Err, no. Belgium, Germany or anywhere else in Europe? No, no and no. Was Blair trying to get a new sneaky bill through parliament? No. So what did this “threat” amount to? An international campaign organised by a small number of Muslim groups calling for the cartoons to be band. A campaign that has certainly got out of hand, but has a snowball chance in hell of succeeding. To present these protests as a substantial “threat” is not only infantile but Islamophobic in that it homogenised Muslim opinion, exaggerates the influence of Muslim community and presents it as something to be feared.

The AWL should be ashamed of itself

All the best

Richard Farnos

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